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Hurricane Irma ImageHurricane Irma has pummeled Florida, packing winds up to 130mph, swamping homes and boats, knocking out power to millions and toppling massive construction cranes over the Miami skyline. While the tourism season has ended in South Florida, there is still worry about the damage #Irma has done to hotels and other buildings, and what that might mean when tourism picks up again in December and January. Get support for your business with discounted #ITservices.

Hypeleaf is an industry-leading digital marketing firm with experience growing businesses online, internally public facing and in IT services, web marketing, application development, and Miami technical support services. Due to the devastation of Hurricane Irma, Hypeleaf will be offering 20% off of all services, working behind the scenes to help your business pick up the pieces and achieve its desired goals in a timely manner.

The 400 mile-wide storm blew ashore in the mostly cleared-out Florida Keys, then marched up its western coast, its punishing winds extending clear across to Miami and West Palm Beach on the Atlantic side.

Miami Hurricane Irma Relief


Irma’s core was nearing the heavily populated Tampa and St. Petersburg area early on Monday, moving inland in a much-weakened state. While it arrived in Florida a category four hurricane, by nightfall it was down to category two with winds of 100mph.

Meanwhile, more than 160,000 people waited in shelters statewide as Irma headed up the coast.

Many streets were flooded in central Miami and other cities.

An apparent tornado spun off by Irma, destroyed six mobile homes in Palm Bay, midway up the Atlantic coast, and flooding was reported along Interstate 4, which cuts across Florida’s mid-section.

Curfews were imposed in Miami, Tampa, Fort Lauderdale and much of the rest of South Florida, and some arrests of violators were reported. Miami Beach barred outsiders from the island.

Fort Lauderdale police arrested nine people they said were caught on TV cameras looting sneakers and other items during the hurricane.

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Image of Miami computer supportMore than 3.3 million homes and businesses across the state lost power, and utility chiefs said it will take weeks to restore electricity to everyone. Hypeleaf Business Media Solutions can provide maintenance and scheduled visits for routine service and optimization of your IT infrastructure. We also provide emergency visits on per incident basis for unforeseen failures, troubleshooting and remediation, remote monitoring and support services, watching IT traffic for anomalies and performing remote software updates and configuration.

While Irma raked Florida’s Gulf Coast, forecasters warned that the entire state was in danger because of the sheer size of the storm.

In one of the largest US evacuations, nearly seven million people in the south-east were warned to seek shelter elsewhere, including 6.4 million in Florida alone.

About 30,000 people heeded orders to leave the Keys as the storm closed in, but an untold number refused, in part because, to many storm-hardened residents, staying behind in the face of danger is a point of pride. Ask how to get a 20% discount off of IT services and so much more!

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