Hypeleaf Business Media Solutions can provide professional installation and service for audio and video systems to save company owners money through loss prevention, security, insurance liabilities and improved business management; from corporate conference, boardrooms, surveillance, home theater to CCTV distribution we make sure that every detail is taken into consideration, from concept to completion performing a thorough analysis of your environment to ensure total coverage.

When deciding to put together an audio/video project, it is important to ensure that you choose the right people with the right skills to execute the project to their fullest potential.  Having a professional who understands the ins and outs of audiovisual makes it easy to create a quality product. A consultant provides guidance on the best equipment to use and gives input on the design and implementation of a project. Numerous businesses can use sound and video consulting services, ranging from hotels to retail stores to education institutions.



  Our services include:

  • Intercom (paging, peer to peer, door entry)
  • Conference/meeting rooms
  • Video conferencing
  • Ceiling mounted speakers and microphones
  • High-resolution LCD projection
  • Surveillance Cameras
  • Home Theater

Latest Technologies

Choosing Hypeleaf means that you are getting the latest technology out there. Technology is forever changing and at Hypeleaf, we ensure that our technicians are up to date with the most advanced technology to be able to offer you the options available for your audio/video project.  Audio video installation training is an aspect that will guarantee that you get superior services. It’s a waste to have the best acoustic design components and a consultant who doesn’t know how to work them.


Go with those who have experience working in many different situations such as churches, schools, stadiums and so much more. Hypeleaf has been providing exceptional audio and video installation for several years and hopes to continue for much more.


Good quality sound consulting services come at a price. However, that doesn’t mean spending an entire project’s budget on finding the right audio consultants. Aim for affordable but never compromise the standard of the work just to save money. Hypeleaf Business Solutions is here to be able to offer you many different options so that you can comfortably choose one that fits the budget of your project.

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