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Put simply, customer acquisition refers to gaining new consumers. Acquiring new customers involves persuading consumers to purchase a company’s products and/or services. To help with the aftermath of #Hurricane #Irma Hypeleaf would like to offer 20% off of all services. #Acquisition #Retention is extremely important to help your business continually thrive.

Fort Lauderdale Acquisition Retention Services

customer-retention-imageCompanies and organizations consider the cost of customer acquisition as an important measure in evaluating how much value customers bring to their businesses. Customer acquisition management refers to the set of methodologies and systems for managing customer prospects and inquiries that are generated by a variety of marketing techniques. With Hypeleaf by your side, you can easily pull in your projected client base as well as retain them.

Some successful customer acquisition strategies include customer referrals, customer loyalty programs, and the like.

One way to think about customer acquisition management is to consider it the link between advertising and customer relationship management, as it is the critical connection that facilitates the acquisition of targeted customers in an effective way.

Customer acquisition requires forethought and strategies. In fact, there are many different customer acquisition strategies that are used as part of the customer acquisition process. Some customer acquisition methods are more effective with specific types of clients.

Using appropriate customer acquisition strategies helps companies to grow, and targeted customer acquisition programs help companies acquire the right customers in a cost-effective way. New companies or those with less established products especially need to place a greater focus on customer acquisition. As companies mature, they can shift their focus to customer retention.

20% Off All Services Due To Hurricane Irma

The focus of customer retention is to create engaged consumers that return to your company or organization. It is a shift in focusing only on the acquisition of countless new consumers, to also focusing on the profitability of those you already have.

Hypeleaf-Customer-Retention-ImageRetention marketing drives an increase in purchase frequency (how often a typical consumer buys) and repeat purchase rate (likelihood a consumer returns). A boost to these two metrics means that you are increasing the customer lifetime value (CLV) which leads to long-term profitability, rather than short-term acquisition gains.

Retention marketing is never going to completely replace acquisition marketing that is focused on drawing in new consumers. The two methodologies need to be used in tandem. Think of e-commerce marketing as a sport. Some teams are good at offense, and some are good at defense. But will a team ever win only playing one or the other?

Retention is your company’s defense and acquisition is your offense, play both well to truly dominate the game. The amount of each your organization uses will vary based on what you sell, the margins you have, the industry you are in, but most importantly the life stage of your store. The life stage of your company is the biggest influencer of what your retention/acquisition mix should be.

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